Lullaby From Heaven

My Mother-in -law, Frieda,  recently passed away and I wrote this in her memory. It was on the funeral bulletin.


Lullaby From Heaven by Brandy Watson


The sun has set,the night has come.

Lullaby, my precious ones.

For I have lived a long, full life

As a Mother,Grandma,Wife.

Sister,Daughter, and dear friend

But now my life on earth must end.

I’ve rocked the babies, dried the tears

Fed countless mouths,throughout the years.

I’ve laughed, I’ve loved, I’ve cried and prayed.

And stitch by stitch,my life was laid

Down in beauty, love’s sacrifice

I’d do it again, I wouldn’t think twice.

But it’s time for me to  finally rest

My Father knows what is the best

He’s called me home,free of pain

Soon, I’ll see you all again.

So dry your tears, try not to fret

Though I have left, I’m not done yet.

Dawn has come, I am at peace

Into eternal love,I’ve been released.



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