Wake, O Sleeper

WAKE,O SLEEPER by Brandy Watson



Wake, O sleeper, wake.

Wake and Rise

For your minds have been dulled

And your hearts hardened

Against the injustices of your time.


Be still, O restless soul.

Be still and hear.

The very earth cries out

With the pain of her children

Begging to be heard


Now, My loves, now

Is the time to act

Pray, first with words

Then with actions

For My Kingdom on this Earth


Wake, O sleeper, wake

Hear the melody of My love song

For all of mankind

Take it into your soul

Teach it to your children


Courage, dear heart, courage

The world may seem too dark

But My love will light the way

Be a light bearer, a love bringer

To the lost, hurting, hardened world


Oh, my loves, my lambs

See My face in the eyes

Of your neighbor, a stranger

A child, a refugee, a beggar

Love Me ,by loving them


Rest,O weary soul,rest

Rest in the knowledge

That you are loved

That you are enough

That you are MINE.

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