The InBetween Times



The Inbetween Times  By Brandy Watson

It is the time of  poets and writers

And other such dreamers that are

Awake long after everyone else

The in-between hours

No longer quite night and yet

Dawn has not yet kissed the sky


I lift my face to the sky full of stars

They sing to me a love song

One sung by the ancient ones

Long before the clutter of noise

And busyness took over the minds

Of this world’s inhabitants


My feet respond to a primal rhythm

Long forgotten and yet still known

By my innermost soul

I dance and sway uninhibited

Arms raised above me

Barefoot in the moon kissed grass


The breeze caresses my arms

Like a lover’s kisses, light and sweet

I shiver, not with cold, but delight

The rhythm picks up pace

My feet follow suit

I am a wild thing dancing untamed


All at once a motor roars and

Headlights glare off my deck

A spell, broken so abruptly

I am left longing for times rewinding

As I walk away  toward the house feeling bereft

My ears pick up the quiet rhythm once more


It feels too late now, dawns coming

Glow in the distance

Still, I pause in my doorway, listening

To the fading notes of the love song

The tinkling laughter of the tree spirits

And I am filled with peace and joy



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