A Few Good Men

I have talked often about my Daddy issues. Probably more than anyone could possibly want to know. So I  decided to share about  a few of the good men that have  loved me through the years. My earliest memory involves my Grandpa scooping me up with a laugh and tickling me with his whiskers amid the smell of frying eggs and bacon and brewing coffee.  Some of my best friends Dads for showing me what a loving Dad looks like. For joking and teasing and laughing with me and hugging me and calling me beautiful just like his own daughters. The teacher that told me that I was a talented writer and that middle school wouldn’t last forever. The youth pastor that stood up for me in front of the mission board when they scoffed at me for wanting to go to Africa. Even though he was outnumbered I will never forget his vote of confidence. The few guy friends that encouraged me through incredibly difficult circumstances when I divorced. My hubby for his kind heart and seeing beauty where I struggle to see it in myself. My best guy  friends now for the way that they are always encouraging me, caring for me, and loving me as I am.


Women like to dish out a lot of criticism about men. I’ve been guilty of that as well. It’s not easy for me to trust most men. That’s just a fact. BUT. As a Mama of an increasingly large amount of boy-men, I think it’s important to not only raise good men but honor those good men around us who are breaking the mold of the men that came before them. They are being more involved fathers, husbands, friends. They are feminists that believe  women are equal partners in life. They are trying to change the world for the better. These are no small tasks in a world that tend to stereotype men into either really strong but kind of dumb, violent, or Homer from the Simpsons. Ha.  That’s just as wrong as stereotyping women as overly emotional, ditzy,  super bitchy or tall, skinny, and well endowed. I want my sons to know that they can grow up to be both strong and gentle, leading their homes in kindness, Baby  and child nurturers and providers. They can speak up for the voiceless and stand up for the powerless and be real everyday heroes.


So there you have it. Even though some of my biggest wounds were caused by men, some of my very favorite people in the world are the men in my life. I keep saying it, but we belong to each other. Let’s hold each other gently. With encouragement and kindness. Building each other up to be the best  that humanity has to offer.  In this struggling world that we live in, we are desperately in need of a few more good men and women……

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