When You Want to Cover Your Eyes



The news this week has been bombarding me with stories that broke my heart into pieces. When I commented on this, a lot of people shared that they choose not to watch the news or limit it.  I understand this. The desire to lock myself into a safe cocoon, unaware of all the horrors of the world that we live in, is at times overwhelming!  I am both a highly sensitive person and an introverted feeler. This means I feel ALL THE THINGS all of the time!! I don’t just feel MY feelings. I am highly affected by other people’s pain whether I know them personally or not.  So the news can be  incredibly hard for me to handle. Yet, I still choose to watch it.

I wrote a poem a few weeks ago talking about being a little bit broken. My friends didn’t like the use of these words. “You are NOT broken!!!”, they all exclaimed. But I don’t necessarily consider being a little bit broken a bad thing. If I allow myself to be a little bit broken over the refugee crisis, or child hunger, or human trafficking, it gives me a chance to make whatever difference I can make. Even if it’s just to bring it to other’s attention.

If I allow myself to be a little bit broken over a hurting friend or even a hurting stranger, it enables me to use my God-given gifts to reach out and encourage someone. To let someone know that they are seen and that they are loved is an incredibly important task.

If I were to cocoon myself away from all this pain, I would be less broken hearted and maybe I would feel more safe.  But would I ever have true peace of mind? I don’t believe so. Peace of mind is not attained by ignoring problems but by solving them.

I don’t have the solution to most of the world’s ills.  Maybe that’s not my part of this equation. Maybe I am just the noticer. The one that sees that the earth is sick and encourages everyone else to see it too. Are you a noticer too? The world needs us just as much as the doers!   We can encourage everyone to see that we all belong to each other and that the world won’t improve until we choose to see our fellow earthlings as us instead of them.  That we are more alike than we are different.  Perhaps these are small things that we can do to make a difference? I like to hope that is the case, anyway.

Living in my own private small midwestern town bubble might be more comforting but it will rarely change the world. And more importantly perhaps, it will not motivate ME to change into the person that God created me to be at such a time as this!!

So I allow myself to be just a little bit broken over the death of a 1-year-old toddler at the hands of a grown woman. I allow myself to be a little bit broken when I see pictures of refugee families living in appalling conditions.  And I keep writing, as a noticer, hoping that my words will make a difference in someone’s life!


*I have a couple of children who are also noticers. I love these articles by Rachel Macy Stafford about parenting Noticers.  This one and this one were particularly helpful to me*




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