Beauty in the Broken



She was born a little bit broken
Picking up vibrations that
Nobody else seemed to hear.
Or maybe they could ignore it
She never knew the why or how
Just that she was not the same
No one else heard the flower’s song
Like the tinkling of crystal shards or
Felt the sadness of someone who
Was smiling on the outside
She saw it all, heard it all
Felt is all exquisitely
She could not hide from it.
And mostly didn’t want to
But it was ever so lonely to live
With people who not only didn’t understand
But decided she was too much
And needed to be fixed
She grew ashamed of her abilities
Tried to push them aside and grow
Hard as ice in the arctic
For the first time, she really felt
For gifts, like water can only be
Held back so long before they find
She feels the everything again and
Decides that this is who she is
Maybe a little bit broken can sometimes lead
To a beautifully wondrous life

Brandy Watson 4-5-2016


One thought on “Beauty in the Broken

  1. You have been granted a gift. You are not broken, just more sensitive and empathetic that most souls.

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