And Now You Are Eight

And Now You Are Eight

1960062_10152536426602345_1965030401_nI can remember how my body felt
Heavy with the weight of you
Your kicks a part of my daily rhythm
Anticipation at knowing you more

And then you were here
Nursing and gazing into my eyes
Full of trust that I would take care of you
And I was eager to hold that trust sacred

You were a part of me and I, you
I was your portal to the whole wide world
And I desired to show you all the wonder
And beauty that the world beheld

As you toddled forth to explore
My favorite scent was you
A mixture of sweat and dirt
With just a smidge of magic

The whys and the hows became staples
Of our daily existence
“Why do birds fly, mama?” and
“This dirt smells like God!”

An old precious soul placed
Inside a little body
I desired to learn from you as
You learned from me

And now you are Eight
An interesting combination
Of jokes and laughter mixed
With compassion and kindness

Growing in every possible way
In leaps and bounds
I revel in the snuggle moments
That you still allow as you face the world

As much as I desire to keep you little
My gift to you is to set you free
To find your path in this wonderful world
And be the you that this world needs


May you continue to delight in God’s handiwork
And remember that kindness
Is the best kind of strength to have
As you journey forward into life

Mama, Mommy, Mom… Brandy Watson

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