I am a woman and I am enough

12043057_10154192158282345_3176789244365642875_nI’m a barefoot in the grass ,dancing under the stars girl. I prefer barefeet over heels. Tea over coffee. A good book over a shopping trip. I love to sing. In the shower. While I clean. In church. I like to throw random dance parties.  I love to celebrate holidays and to invent my own.  😉  I’m a Jesus Feminist and a justice seeker for all the hurting. I love all creatures and nature. I’m strong, but sensitive. I’m stubborn, but gentle. I cry equally hard at sad movies and sunsets. I’m a Mom and a wife.  I wear makeup ,not to be pretty, but because it’s like creating art on my face. I like dangly earrings and the smell of babies heads.  I talk to my animals. I love long skirts just as much as a comfy pair of legging with a long top. I rehome spiders and other bugs to the outdoors instead of killing them.  I’m a geek girl. I love Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who.  I’m equal parts girly girl and tomboy. I love to cook for those I love ,but I detest cleaning.  All these little things make me who I am. I’m not more of woman because of them or less of a woman because of them. I’m just a woman.  An imperfect, goofy, messy woman. I am not beautiful but I do strive to live a life of beauty and to pass beauty on to others. There will always be those that judge me for these things and conclude I am not woman enough or pretty enough or… whatever enough.  And in the past I have let that really get me down.  Maybe they were right. Maybe I’m not enough.  Now, I have started to get to the point that I just really don’t give a damn. Either you love me for me, or you don’t. I am not obligated to fit into your narrow view of what a woman is and isn’t.  And I don’t need your approval or disapproval.  Those that matter to me, love me for me, always encouraging me to be the best version of myself.  And I in return try to give that gift to others!!! Peace, my friends. You are ENOUGH and you are SO very loved!!


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