Let Us Be a People Who Love

Lord, Let us be a people who love.

Let us love first, and ask questions later.

Let us be quick to compassion,

but slow to make judgements.

For the world is full of Your children

In need of love and grace and mercy.

And we are Your vessels to be poured out.


Lord Let us be Your hands and feet.

Let us be like the good Samaritan

Spreading acts of kindness like seeds.

Let us feed the poor, visit the sick

And uplift the broken hearted.

For all that we do for the least of these

We do unto You.


Lord, let us be a people of hope.

Let us not let the trials of this life

Hold us prisoner to despair and anguish.

Let us instead embrace Your light

So that those who are struggling in the darkness

Can see the lights of hope in a weary world

And not give up.


Lord let us be a people of grace.

Let us see people the way You do.

Let us be forgivers and mercy throwers

To those in our lives that have caused us hurt.

Knowing that forgiving others not only releases them

But brings to us freedom from the past so

That we can look to the future.


Lord Let us be a people of both justice and peace

Standing up for and giving  a voice

To those who are without one while

Remembering that our words are more powerful

Than any sword we can wield.

But most of all, dear Lord

Let us be a people who love.



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