Courage, The Gift of Hope



When the world seems dark and sad and my heart is overwhelmed

When I can’t seem to catch my breath for the enormity of the sorrow

Oh how I want to run away, to hide, to turn away from the ugliness

I’d bury my head in the ground if it wasn’t soaked in the blood

Of thousands of souls gone so very far before their time.

But instead I light a candle for advent, the hope candle this week.

How very apt. I watch the light flicker off the face of  my seven

Year old son, still so very full of hope and joy and love and  I,

I am reminded of all the good still left in this world.

All the light bearers. The hope sharers. The radical love doers.

Building His kingdom right here on earth.


I feel  as if the flicker of candlelight has jumped

And reignited my very soul with hope.

And with hope, I find the gift of courage.

The courage to step out into the world again.

The courage to choose love in hard times.

The courage to spread my wings and become

One of the light bearers for such a time as this.


Here in the northern hemisphere , we are entering

The darkest time of the year.  Daylight a precious commodity.

I find myself counting down the days until just a little

More light appears and the darkness gradually wanes.

But I will not fear the dark, no.  I will march right on

Through it. Breathing in the brave with each step!

For I hear the voice of Aslan saying “Courage, dear heart.”

I might not see Him, my Savior,

In all His splendor and glory. Though I choose to see him in the face

Of every human that I chance to meet. (Not an easy task, I assure you. )

But I hear His voice and I shall follow and be brave into this

Wild adventurous love that He has called me to.

Another day’s sun sets in the west, and I prepare to light my candles.

My youngest dancing around the kitchen to Christmas tunes

wildly and without abandon. Filled to the top with joy.

I whisper my prayers with every breath and prepare my

heart for His coming.




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