And There was Light

Night Sky

Darkness reaches out its fingers  to grab away at the light earlier and earlier these days as winter slowly approaches.  I have to admit I don’t love it. The dark. The cold. But there are moments like last night when two of my children and I arrived at home at 7:30 pm and I happened to glance up. “You guys! Look up! Look at the stars! Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!” This prompted about 10 minutes of oohing and aweing over the awesomeness of the sky.  If not for the darkness, we would have missed the beauty in the small pinpoints of light coming to us from millions of light years away.

I have formed a habit over the past few years that started after my Dad died, which was understandably a very dark time for me. One night in the middle of the night, I spotted the mighty hunter Orion in the sky. And I ,for a few minutes out of my day ,from then on, was focusing on finding his image in the night sky. I still do it. It’s soothing to me to have that constancy. I use it as a visible reminder in my life that God is always there. A constant. Able to be seen if we just take a little time to look.

Life is hard. It can be all too easy to focus on the darkness when the stresses of life close in on us. It can make us forget to look up. Look UP! It’s not all darkness. There is light enough to be found if you are looking for it. There is goodness. There is joy. There is love. There is peace. Allow yourself to bathe in the starshine and moonglow  until the sun comes out again. It will. It always does. It is a constant. Just like God’s love.

So that is all for today. Life is hard. But there is light enough to get you through it, if you take time to see it. And you are so, so very loved friends. Wrap yourselves in a blanket of love and light until your hope meter has reached full again and then go into the world and pass on a little love and light to those that are having trouble finding it!!!

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