A repost from my facebook.

Everyday, I hear people moaning and groaning about our culture and the moral decline and blaming it for everything imaginable. Guess what? The bad stuff in our culture? Not new. In fact, there really is nothing new under the sun. As long as there are humans populating the planet there will be moral decay. period. It’s not due to God being taken out of school, the end times, our current or past leaders, the muslims, the homosexuals, the disney stars gone wrong, etc. We are all just human beings that mess up in every way imaginable this side of heaven. It’s why I choose grace for myself. For my kids. For the hurting. For the messed up. For the broken. Does that mean there should be no consequences for actions. Well of course not. There are always consequences. But I still challenge myself daily to choose grace, compassion, and love. To speak truth with the knowledge that I too am just flesh, bone, and spirit with muddy feet and given on my own to all sorts of ugliness. It’s why I need the daily love of my God to fill me. I refuse to despair over the world’s ills and instead say here I am, God. Use me to bring your love in others lives….. Just some thoughts floating around in here. Back to your regular scheduled light hearted facebooking…haha We will see if anyone actually makes it to the end of this post..


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