Sometimes I get tired of being PC about my life

The big disadvantage of facebook is that now I am friends with so many people that no matter what I say it’s bound to offend some sector of my friends. So facebook has become a place  where I mostly just post pleasant platitudes and cutesy little sayings but share very little real stuff about my life. I rather miss being raw and honest like I used to in my old blogging days.  I guess the worst that could happen is that some people would be so offended by my honest opinions that they would unfriend me. Compared to so much else in my life that’s really not that bad of a thing. Sometimes there is a need for truth and honesty.

So here is my truth and honesty for today. I’m tired of being pc(politically correct). I’m tired of having to be oh so tolerant of everyone’s behavior even when their behavior is hurting people.  Everyone speaks to the pain of the LGBT community. And I grant that what they are dealing with is painful. But I hear almost no one speak of the devastation that their behavior leaves in it’s wake on the ones who love them.  I divorced my ex-husband almost 7.5 years ago and I still find the memories very painful. It doesn’t help that because we share 4 children together, I can never truly get rid of his involvement in my life. My ex-husband, the man that I fell in love with and had four children with, has tried to change into a woman. He changed his name to Steph, dresses like a woman, talks in a high pitch and expects to be treated as a woman. The children have been required to call him Steph for years, which I didn’t like but didn’t at the time have any energy left to fight. But now he wants to take away my rightly earned title and have the children call him/her MOM. And I can’t sit here and pretend to be all happy and tolerant about it. He’s not their mother. He didn’t throw up during half of all four pregnancies, deliver 4 babies, nurse four babies for years. He is not their mother, period. That I should even have to point out how crazy the whole idea is, speaks volumes. I have spent the past 15 years devoting myself to motherhood and searching out what was the very best for each individual child. I have poured my heart and soul into caring for them and loving them through all the trials. My Mama Bear heart is here to say there are boundaries that you may not cross with me and my children. There are sacred things that you cannot mess with.

I don’t share this to demean my ex, or to receive pity. I don’t need pity.I need to share this with people that will care enough to pray for me and encourage me. I need to share this because the burden is quite heavy and I need God and my peeps to help me carry it.  Standing up for what you believe is right and best for your children can be a hard and lonely thing to do.  Watching your children struggle with their hurt and pain caused by their own parent is anguish that cannot be imagined. Knowing that I do not stand alone is a tremendous encouragment to me. So if anyone reads this, thank you. That’s all for now, folks……..


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