Seasons of life

The last few days have had me thinking deeply. What now? Now that the baby season of my life is finished, what do I do? I am still all over the place with my emotions about losing the baby and losing the chance at having any more babies. I alternate between sadness, bewilderment, anger, muted acceptence. My husband keeps trying to remind me that I already have given birth to 5 healthy children and need to just be happy with that. And I am, truly. I feel so blessed to be a Mom and a Stepmom to seven children. But there is still a sense of mourning for what could have been. Wal-Mart still brings a sense of torture for me. All those cute baby dresses.  *sigh*

On a somewhat unrelated note, the seven year old has been a bit of an emotional wreck lately. He melts down over every little thing. i worry about him, alot.  He’s a sensitive kid. I suppose it’s possible that he is picking up on all the stress and anxiety going around the house. I am hearing alot of “this is the worst day ever” “why am I even in this family! Everyone hates me!” etc…. and it’s usually over things  that don’t seem like that big of a deal. Like taking a bath, or eating a healthier choice for a snack. any body have any experience with this kind of situation? Oh the drama that takes place in this house,lol.


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