Passivity is a sin

That’s what the front of my new t-shirt says. On the back is a quote by Martin Luther ” Our lives begin and end the day  we become silent about things that matter.”  That is a very poignant quote for me. I think it is easy for us as christians to just settle for mediocrity. To turn a blind eye to the horrors of this world in able for us to stay in “the comfort zone”.  We blithely watch television that mocks every moral we believe in. We push down the discomfort we feel at the suffering of those less fortunate and eat another donut. We try really really hard not to think about all those helpless babies that lose their lives every day due to abortion because it’s not pc(politically correct)  to question the mother’s freedoms. In fact I would be willing to say that most christians fall into two extremes either they are passive about sin or they are legalistic and judgmental.I have met some fine people who seem to have managed to find  the right balance between law and Grace. But that seems to be the exception rather than the rule! One of my favorite songs is still “Brave” by Nicole Nordeman


I want to be brave enough to stand even when noone else is standing with me. To stand on Truth without letting fear cower me.


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