Every Day A New Adventure

Today I am attempting to pack up for our Labor Day Camping Adventure. Packing up a family of nine is not this INFP’s idea of a good time,lol. So far my morning has gone like this. Start making list of camping supplies. Stop to take toddler off top of couch where he is attempting acrobatics. Continue making list. Stop toddler from chasing cat around. Gather last minute laundry. Stop toddler from flushing my bra down toilet.  Balance laundry on one hip and toddler on the other while small dog tries to  doom us to falling down the stairs to our death by running underfoot. Start laundry. Come back upstairs dragging screaming toddler who didn’t want to leave the fun buttons of the washing machine. Start writing my new blog post. Slow down to nurse crabby toddler.  Take a really deep breath and remember  that it will all get done ………eventually.

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